Meditation Shelter Application

What to Expect with a Darkness Retreat

When preparing for your journey there are three topics to consider. Diete’ is actually a major

player in your intention. Next is climate and physical needs while in your here in a Mendiation

Shelter. Lastly, is the trip home and integration.

Diete’ is not only what you eat. The mental, emotional and physical preparation is vital to

your desired outcome. The shelters act as a conduit to a higher power.

● Raw vegan and/or a vegan keto supplement is how we have found it best to move into

the space most open to receiving.

● Here in Kansas City we have partnered with Cafe Gratitude to offer a 10 day meal

journey prep.

● Pruvit is our preferred keto drink supplement for the 10 challenge. Both options are

available for preorder. Of course if you are traveling to Kansas City, the Pruvit drink may

be easier to order directly to your home.

● If you consume caffeine on a regular basis, I will recommend the Pruvit Charged option.

Your stay here will be expansive enough without including withdrawal. We don’t want

any detoxing from any substances during your stay. This includes tobacco, sugar and

anything that may conflict with a clear mind, body and soul connection.

● Meals here are provided by Cafe Gratitude and consist of two raw vegan meals a daily

with two cold pressed juices. Eating is done by hand.

● Preorder is necessary for both options, and order forms can be found on the website.

● Mental and emotional preparation is combined hand and hand. Emotional prep is

repairing or settling loose ends. Please understand fixing life long issues is not the

expectation. However, shifting your perspective to release anchors , such as unresolved

conflicts, and focusing on your surrender into the journey is important. It’s ideal to come

here with forgiveness and grace in your heart.

● We encourage you to establish a spiritual connection prior to your stay. This means,

meditative daily practice leading up to the journey of at least 30 minutes daily for two

weeks prior. You may fill this meditation regiment with any form you are called to.

Examples include; chi gong, yoga, prayer, Osho. I prefer breathwork. We offer BBTRS

breathwork and can prepare you.

● You must have something to resource with. This is deep work and will take you to a new


Climate and provisions in the shelters.

● The room is kept at 70* and is not adjustable. It is important to accept your energy will

drastically fluctuate your internal temperature. There is no way to keep the room at a

temperature synchronistic to your feeling. The room is fully equipped with extra pillow,

blankets and towels to aid in comfort needs.

● There is a filtered water dispenser with 5 gallons, as well as a fresh water cleansing sink.

● Hot towels with essential oils are delivered daily with the meals. Moist wipes are

provided for the toilet.

● The toilet is waterless. Swiss built Separata is an eco-friendly toilet that separates

waste, saving water and insulating external energy. The appearance is that of a

traditional toilet.

● Every step has been taken to isolate external energy.

● The main meditation Shelter is all concrete and is grounded on four sides.

● The only power sources coming in is heating and cooling, and very limited lighting and

fresh air circulation.

● There is an emergency button with communication capabilities.

● A Mindfold Blindfolds provided for you to use when any light accidents are anticipated.

This blindfold allows you to open your eyes and maintain complete darkness.

● The front portion of the shelter contains the sink, desk and toilet. This area is dark to the

unadjusted eye. Due to the passage for food and door, this area has small light leaks.

The blindfold is encouraged here.

● The rear shelter are completely dark. This space is set up with a bed, shelf and chest of


● It is vital that no light accidents occur.

● This is a solo journey. It is important that you don’t interact. We can only truly heal


Integration will take months.

● Walk softly through this expansion, but walk constantly with purpose.

● Personal zoom breath sessions can be scheduled.

● Immediate needs will be a place to stay the night after and a hot shower. I recommend

the Courtyard Marriott or Stoney Creek, both are within 5 minutes drive.

● Coming out is slow and gentle. I will guide you through these moments of rebirth.

Coming into the light again for the first time is magical. This experience needs to be

mostly you..... the work and the benefit.

Prep and Sustenance is Important

We have found the Pruvit supplement line to be very helpful before, during and after a darkness retreat. And...... its just so easy. If you want to try it out you can order below. We will happily provide these for you during your stay if preordered. They carry many options, but this 10 day is the the most convenient.

Shadow Calling Pruvit link

We are Blessed to offer this Nourishment

Café Gratitude

Menu options are limited and specific to Shadow Calling.

Only modified for allergies.**

Raw, Well Rounded and Delicious.

Meals consist of two trays and two Juice's Daily designed to be fresh and eaten in the dark. 10 day Prep available for Local patrons.